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The 3th International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications 2017 (ICPEA’17)

The 3rd International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications 2017 (ICPEA’17)  will be held in DJELFA, Algeria from 16 to 17 September 2017. The conference is organised by the Applied Automation and Industrial Diagnostics Laboratory LAADI, University of DJELFA, Algeria. This conference comes after the great success of the past conferences ICPEA’13 and ICPEA’15.
Djelfa is the main city of the province of Djelfa and it is considered as the Capital of Ouled Nail populating and one of the most attractive regions in Algeria. Among its many notable monuments is the magnificent loved-twins and attractive historical stations that are recently recognized by UNESCO as an important heritage in the world and the specific salt rock mountain. Strategically Djelfa is located in the virtual center of Algeria and it is the Gate of the large deserts, only about 4 hours by car or bus from the airport of Algiers (the capital). It is about 300 km far from Algiers.
The main aim of the ICPEA’17 is to bring together all potential participants: from industry, experts, researchers, academics, manufacturers and suppliers of several countries to review the latest developments that are achieved in these areas and to exchange research ideas to explore current challenges in Power electronics and their wide applications. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

T1 : Semi conductor Devices
T2 : Application of Power Electronics in Power Quality Issues
T3 : Application of Power Electronics in Power Systems
T4 : Renewable Energy Systems
T5 : Power Electronics & Machine Control
T6 : Application of Power Electronics in Transportation
T7: Power Electronics in Telecommunications networks
T8 : Industrial Applications
T9 : Optimization in Power Electronics
T10 : Power Electronics Professional & Education Development
T11: Other Applications


Professor Andon V. Topalov

Professor Kamal Mohammedi

Professor Frede Blaabjerg

Professor Sedat Sünter


Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline June 15, 2017    Deadline of submission is extended to 10th July, 2017
Notification of acceptance will start on 5th August, 2017
Final Paper Submission deadline on 20th August, 2017

Please read the instructions for authors before submitting a paper to ICPEA 2017



University Yahia fares of Medea, Algeria