Program | Workshop on Research To Industry 

Gas turbines are the heart of the power generation and transmission sector, power generation and many other industrial applications. Hence, the use of gas turbines is still subject to numerous regulatory, technical and economic constraints. Indeed, the operation of these rotating machines is a very complex task and requires a large amount of information, to improve performance in terms of monitoring, control, reliability, diagnostics, maintainability, availability and safety. The modernization of gas turbines with new reliable systems ensures more flexible operation and easier use of turbines in terms of precision of settings and reduction in maintenance costs.

The objective of this international conference on the modernization of gas turbines to improve their productivity and efficiency, ICGT&IT 2022 is to bring together potential players; Industrialists, researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, universities and companies from several countries to allow it to exchange ideas and explore the current challenges of technological progress, which requires the modernization and updating of turbine operating tools. And provided engineering with advice and support for the modernization of their gas turbines to improve their productivity and efficiency.

This event will focus primarily on application research and will offer a reflection and analysis on sustainable developments and innovative solutions for the future with the uses of modern engineering in the turbine industry for effective technology transfer.

ICGT&IT 2022 Themes

The 1st international conference on modernization of gas turbines to improve their productivity and efficiency, ICGT&IT 2022, focuses on industrial applications for the modernization of gas turbines to improve their productivity and efficiency for reliable supply and sustainable environmental protection, these applications are major economic challenges in many modern industrial fields. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following :

A. Performance of gas turbines
. Emissions and life
. Improvement technology
. Combustion of gas turbines
. Behavior of gas turbines
. Life cycle and operability management
. Performance prediction
. Pollution and environmental effects
. Electricity production cycles
. Thermal and propellant efficiency
. Thermodynamics and new cycles
B. Gas turbine vibrations
. Intakes and exhaust nozzles
. Noise and vibrations
. Rotor dynamics and vibration
. Modeling of stalls and overvoltages
. Vibration analysis
. Vibration control systems
. Dimensionality and vibration modeling
. Vibration measurement and acquisition
. Vibration signal identification
. Vibration tests
E. Mathematics in turbomachines industry
. Signal processing in rotating machinery
. Experimental and computational methods
. Dynamic instability
. Noise and vibration modelling
. Model-based FDI techniques
. Dimensionality and model reduction
. Multi-dimensional signal processing
. Multi-modal signal processing
. Filtering in signal processing
. Nonlinear signal processing
C. Gas turbine controls and diagnostics
. Monito e gas turbine
. Fault tolerant control
. Gas turbine failure diagnosis
. Tips of gas turbine
. Hybrid and intelligent control systems
. Integrated control systems
. Decision making in diagnosis
. Measurement and data acquisition
. Implementation of control systems
. Parallel and distributed control systems
D. Gas turbine applications
. Conditional maintenance
. Configurations and operability
. Intelligent acquisition data
. Intelligent acquisition data
. Reliability engineering and failure analysis
. Intelligent data acquisition
. Reconfiguration systems
. Sensors and data measurement
. Energy and power
. CO2 capture